Project Description

National Archives (NARA)

ERA 2.0

  • Supported migrating NARA to Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud

  • Built “Google-Like” search engine for petabytes of PDFs, email, vids, & images

  • Engineered “Hybrid Cloud” solution for critical on-premise legacy systems

SOFTEK provides technical leadership and serves as a go-to source for business systems migration at the National Archives Record Administration (NARA), Electronic Records Administration (ERA). Most recently, SOFTEK supported the migration to a scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform for scheduling, archiving, and retrieval of the government’s electronic records, called ERA 2.0. SOFTEK brought its 10 years of experience to link legacy scheduling and legal transfer of electronic records to ERA 2.0. This not only enabled the ERA 2.0 pilot to go forward, but was also accomplished under reduced timelines to support the ERA 2.0 pilot deadlines.

ERA 2.0 also required innovating new technologies that can enable near real-time search of unstructured content ingested into ERA 2.0. These electronic records consisted of over 20 general types of content, including PDFs, video, images, text, emails, webpages, and geospatial data files; making ERA 2.0 potentially the largest records archive by count in the world. The end result was a Google-like search capability into archival content, providing a free-form ability to manage and provide access to petabytes of government records.


  • Provided domain and technology expertise to migrate NARA to a cloud-based archiving platform

  • Architected and implemented scalable parsing services to process petabytes of unstructured data

  • Supported development of a “Google-like” search engine for discovering government records

  • Evolved legacy systems to work with new cloud platform, enabling NARA to “stair-step” into the cloud